7 Easy Ways to Ensure the Best Resale Value For Your Car

Not everyone buys a car with the intention of washing and waxing it into its twilight years. For many, their vehicle is simply a way to get from point A to B, and it is purchased with no intention to keep it forever. This is why many of us need to maintain our car for resale, not posterity. And here are some ways to do it.

1) Keep Records

Oil changes, brake pads and tune-ups – keep the receipts and invoices to prove your vehicle was properly maintained. Knowing an investment was taken care of means a buyer is more likely to purchase it.

2) Clear Windows

This is more than a matter of cleanliness: tinted windows decimate the value of your car. You may dig tint for the privacy and heat control, but not everyone likes the shady look. And in some places, tinted windows are actually illegal, so if you want to optimize your resell value, keep your car in the clear.

3) Suspend Not

You may think a low-rider is cool, but deciding to lower your car’s suspension is not ecumenical. Not everyone is going to think this is as sick as you do. Or rad. Or hip. Or whatever the kids say these days.

4) Lights Out

Again, this is a matter of preference, but the resale value of your car hinges on making sure everything is as standard as possible, so avoid installing high-intensity lamps and flashy light accessories if you’re not buying for keeps.

5) Cosmetics Matter

You may not even notice that ding from the grocery cart anymore, but a potential buyer probably will. If you’re looking to sell your ride, make sure you give it a face lift and a thorough detail – especially if keeping your car’s interior pristine with accessories like custom fit car seat protection covers has not been a priority.

6) Timing is Everything

Just like you won’t shop for flip-flops in a snow storm, don’t try reselling a convertible in a monsoon. Supply and demand, friends. Put your vehicle on the market when it is most desirable.

7) Know Your Worth

Before you list your wheels, make sure you have a handle on its value. Not what you think it is worth, or what your buddy would pay for it: know what you can actually get for it. If you ask too much, no one is going to bite. The key to selling your car is being realistic, competitive and prepared

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