Clever Uses for Bungee Cord

You probably know that you can buy bungee shock cord with metal or plastic hooks already attached to the ends. These are often sold prepackaged as utility cords in sets of various lengths. But you can also get bulk shock cord to make your bungee cords any length you want, attaching them to whatever closures […]


Regardless of how careful you are, losing the key to your home or your car or your business can happen to you at any time. This is despite your best efforts to always place your important keys in a convenient location. Someone can steal them without your knowledge, or a close person to you might […]

Factors to consider when applying for a theory test

There are various ways to apply for a theory test today. One way is by applying online and get an instant appointment. Another way is by filling out a driving theory test application form and posting it together with the relevant fees to the booking center. For the application you will need the required fees, […]