Clever Uses for Bungee Cord

You probably know that you can buy bungee shock cord with metal or plastic hooks already attached to the ends. These are often sold prepackaged as utility cords in sets of various lengths. But you can also get bulk shock cord to make your bungee cords any length you want, attaching them to whatever closures you like. Then the possibilities are endless.

Herd Those Toys

Bungee cord can help you organize your kids’ toys. You’ve probably seen those stuffed animal hammocks for children’s rooms. You can make your own by anchoring a few bungee shock cords to the wall. Even if your building abilities top out at drilling a hole, you can simply sink an eyebolt into the wall to secure your cord. Use a wall anchor if you’re trying to store something heavier than a couple of stuffed animals.

If you have modular shelving in your kids’ rooms, you can claim a space for those bouncy balls that tend to roll everywhere by securing hooked cords vertically from one shelf to the next. If you know how to tie a few basic knots, you could even use bungee cord to make your own macrame hammock or cargo web to free up shelf space.

Storage Solutions

Store bulk purchases of paper goods, whether it’s toilet tissue, paper towels, or gift wrap. Clever approaches include setting longer rolls on their ends on shelving and keeping the top ends in place with bungee cord; lining rolls up next to each other in the back of a closet and securing them with cords attached to hooks in the wall; and using a shock cord strung between two hooks as a DIY dispenser for paper towels. For lighter items, you can even use peel-and-stick plastic hooks  to anchor your cord.

Organize your garage or shed with bungee shock cord. You can simply loop bungee cord around your cords and hoses to keep them tidy. Or you can make extension cord wraps with cord locks purchased separately. One clever idea involves recycling synthetic corks left over from wine bottles. Just drill two holes through the cork; thread the cord up through the first hole and down through the second, making a U shape; and knot the cord. Hold the U shaped part on one side of your coiled cable and the cork on the other, then slip the loop end over the cork for a quick cord organizer.

You probably already have bungee cord with you when you go camping, whether to strap additional items to your backpack or to secure gear in the back of your vehicle. Once you’ve made camp, use those cords to store just about anything off the ground. Keep your toilet paper or paper towels from getting crushed, hang your cooking gear up, or make a temporary clothesline after a rainstorm.

Fashion Accessories

You might have seen those utility bracelets that let campers and hikers carry emergency supplies of paracord secured around their wrists. You can make the same thing with shock cord. Customize your creation with a variety of metal or plastic closures ranging from snap hooks to buckles.

Your imagination is really the only limit to using bungee shock cord. Whether you’re tidying up at home or heading to the great outdoors, bulk bungee cord can help you take control of your space.

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