Driving Test: 7 Common Mistakes to Avoid

One of the hardest things you can do is try and pass your driving test the first time. Even if you have practiced a lot, the test is usually a tough experience for everyone. So before you look to find out driving test options in your area, you should also brush up on some things you should avoid before the test. Here are seven test mistakes to avoid:

1. Rolling Stop
A number of drivers, especially when they start out on the road, think they do not have to come to a complete stop before a stop sign. This is a rookie mistake and will definitely get you docked points. Make sure you stop completely before you go again at a stop sign.

2. Improper Lane Changes
Making a lane change where you are not allowed, or without indicating that you are making a lane change, is something your instructor is not going to appreciate. While you can get away with it on an empty road, it could land you in a serious accident on a busy street.3

3. Steering
Erratic steering is never a good sign for someone who is taking their driving test. You have to make sure you get your hands in the right positions on the steering wheel, and that you are as smooth as possible in your motions.

4. Distracted
Even if you are nervous, you have to give your complete focus to the road. The one sure way you are going to get in trouble is by trying to look at your phone, or at them, or at something else in the car while you are driving on the road. So make sure your eyes are forward at all times, unless you have parked and turned off the car.

5. Accelerate and Brake Too Hard
While it is not a major faux-pas, giving too much acceleration when you are driving on the road, and applying the brake too heavily, are both looked down on by driving instructors. They want to see you exhibit smooth driving behaviors, which means accelerating in a careful way and braking ahead of time so you come to a smooth and comfortable stop before you hit another car!

6. Parallel Parking
Parking in a parallel way is the hardest thing you are asked to do at a driving test, at least for most people. So make sure you dedicate at least one or two lessons to getting the parallel parking portion of your skillset right. It will feel a lot easier during the test if you have mastered it in practice.

7. Failure to Stop or Heed Traffic Signals
If you see a stop sign, make sure you stop completely. If you see the traffic signal is about to turn red, stop unless you are already beyond the line where you are meant to stop at the traffic signal. Trying to cut signals or get through stop signs is a sure-fire way to fail your driving test.

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