Factors to consider when applying for a theory test

There are various ways to apply for a theory test today. One way is by applying online and get an instant appointment. Another way is by filling out a driving theory test application form and posting it together with the relevant fees to the booking center. For the application you will need the required fees, a preferred testing center, preferred date, valid temporary license number and also indicate your method of testing.

Besides, you should also know that you can only be allowed to take the test with a valid temporary license. If you are below the age required by law to hold a valid license, then you will have to wait until you are old enough to do so. This also applies to if you have a valid temporary license but is not of the legal age. You will have to wait until you are legally old enough to take the test. In the UK only 17-year-olds and above are allowed to take the test.

The vehicle to be used also needs to pass the require standards. It should first be in excellent shape, be road worthy have a valid and active insurance plus be taxed. Remember this when applying for the test.

Another thing that needs to be specified when you apply for theory test is if you are disabled. Disability is not inability; however, there are some disability cases that require assistance and other special requirements to take the test properly. Therefore, you are mandated to indicate if you are disabled and also specify your disability.

In many cases, these are some of the things used for different types of abilities during a theory test

For those with hearing impairments, a voiceover is often used to provide you with audio instructions for the test. Through the headphones, you will be able to hear the instructions and the questions as they are read out to you audibly. You can request the instructor to repeat the question if you haven’t grasped it well.

If you have a vision deficiency, you will at times be required to prove your impairment by providing necessary proof for verification. If it turns out to be true, then you will also request for a voice over to read out the instructions and test question with possible answers.

Importantly, there is a possibility for those with extreme cases of hearing difficulties to use the British sign language for the test. Interpretation will be available during the test and will run simultaneously with the standard theory questions and answers.

In cases of disabilities, assistance when applying for the test is provided by third party booking centers. Alternatively, you can make use of government-provided websites for this since they have stationed personnel that assists people with special needs much better.

Remember, that when you request the service of an interpreter, you won’t be required to pay any extra fees. So be specific, precise and honest when singling your disability and its magnitude during the application process.

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