How to reclaim the value of your car damaged in accident

Car accidents are heart-breaking and mostly, budget-breaking too. Looking at the increased number of car crashes, the legal authorities in the United States have made strict rules and charge heavily the person whose fault results into an accident. Cars damaged in accident suffer major setback in their market value even when the repair covers up the damage excellently.Image result for How to reclaim the value of your car damaged in accident

Here are some factors which determine the diminished value of the car after accident. These factors also form the facts of the case when the victim files for the claim settlement. So, know that your car’s diminished value is determined on the basis of:

Model year of the car: Depreciation in the value of the car is anyways happening with the ageing of the car and the miles covered. Diminished value is value after repairs minus the depreciated value. So, if the car is newer version, claim settlement amount is higher.

Use of repair parts from unauthorized dealers: If the party at-fault takes charge of getting the repairs done and get unapproved repair parts as replacement, it will not fetch the car the value it deserves on resale. Thus, this difference in resale value due to poor quality repair parts is to be settled with the convicted party.
Extent of damage in comparison to the original condition: How badly the car is damaged also determines the diminished value of the car. If the damage requires humongous repairing, you are likely to receive larger claim.
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